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Weight Control - How to Lose or
Gain Weight

For many, the whole concept of weight control appears to be a big lie. It seems no matter what they do they just can’t seem to effect their weight in a positive or sustaining manner. So where exactly does the word control come in? Don’t worry you’re not alone, and science is helping us to understand why and what to do about it.

Weight Loss HelpHave you ever noticed that some people can eat what seems like a billion calories and not gain a pound? Others can just look at a doughnut and feel their pants tightening.

Why is this and why is such a cruel joke being played on so many good people? The answer lies with our metabolism.

What is Metabolism?

By definition it means to change or to transform. Basically, it is the chemical process that takes place in all living things that converts the molecules in the food we eat or fat that we have stored into energy.

This energy is not just for exercise or movement but for everything our bodies do to maintain survival. The act of breathing, our hearts beating, even things you wouldn’t think of such as the liver filtering out the blood or cell division as the skin replaces itself, all use energy and consume calories.

When you consume more calories than your body uses to supply its energy needs, the excess is turned into fat as a reserve supply that can also be someday burned as fuel for energy.

Everyone has a different metabolic rate and it is affected by a number of factors. Gender, age, muscle mass, and even heredity all play a role in how fast and efficiently we process this energy conversion.

The good news is that we can have positive effects on working with or even changing our metabolism to accomplish our goals of weight loss or gain.

So Now What?

Well now that we have determined that your metabolism determines how efficiently your body processes calories and that the excess is turned into fat, we can now look at various ways of maximizing our control over the matter.

Weight Control SuccessWhether you are trying to shed a few unwanted pounds or put on a little weight, the articles in this section of the website will help you to accomplish your goals and prove once and for all that weight control can be a true and accurate statement.

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