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- Physical fitness articles to get you the most benefit with a healthy, balanced approach.

Lose / Gain Weight Homepage - Intro to articles on weight control for both weight loss and weight gain.

Build Muscle Homepage - Intro to articles on how to build muscle fast.

General Fitness Homepage - Intro to misc. fitness articles.

Lose / Gain Weight Control Section

Ideal Body Weight - What is your ideal body weight with age and gender taken in consideration? Learn how to check your BMI.

Lose Weight Quickly - Essential advice on how to lose weight quickly.

Weight Loss Tips - Effective and quick weight loss tips that anyone can do right now lose serious pounds.

Weight Loss Recipes - Low calorie and low carb. Weight loss recipes that actually taste great!

Weight Gain Diet - Effective weight gain diet recipes to bulk you up fast!

Female Weight Lifting Program for Fat Loss - A workout program designed to optimize losing weight.

Muscle Building Section

Muscle Building Tips - Effective muscle building tips to maximize your workout routine and build muscle fast.

Gain Muscle Mass - If you want to gain muscle mass, just follow these proven principles to bulk up fast.

Best Ab Exercises - The absolute best ab exercises tested by the Biomechanics Lab at San Diego State University with startling results.

Muscle Building Supplements - A review of Muscle building supplements to help you get the most from your weight lifting routine.

Plyometric Exercises - What plyometric exercises are with effective examples to add to your routine.

Female Bodybuilding - The biggest myths about women bodybuilders and why the stigma should finally be broken.

Female Weight Lifting Routine For Muscle Tone - A workout program with more emphasis on muscle tone than fat loss.

Exercise Ball Exercises - Various exercise ball exercises to incorporate into any workout routine.

Exercise Ball Workout - Try this free exercise ball workout specifically designed to give you a great ab workout.

General Fitness Section

Reasons to Exercise - There are numerous reasons to exercise and this article hopes to convince you of the benefits and consequences.

Types of Exercise - Different goals call for different types of exercise. This article helps to clarify these types for your workout plan.

Fitness Nutrition - A good fitness nutrition plan will help you get the most out of your exercises for optimal results.

5 Minute Exercises - If your busy schedule keeps you from the gym try these 5 minute exercises at your desk or wherever you are.

Muscle Stretching - Proper muscle stretching has many benefits, but do it wrong and you could be doing a lot more harm than good.

Kids Fitness - The issue of kids fitness has never been more important with childhood obesity at such a high rate.

Senior Fitness - The importance for senior fitness and the benefits to quality of life should not be ignored.

Womens Fitness - The biggest mistakes women make in achieving their fitness goals and what to do about it.






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